2018 Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Forum Awards

Quiet Achiever Award
This award is for their quiet perseverance in achieving outcomes for their community

Winners: Ashley Toby & Lynette Stuart

Ashley Toby came into the AOD job at Lake Nash / Alpurrulam at a time when his own community was having a few problems and he stood bravely alongside the Health Centre Manager and allowed his community to receive much needed health care. The Health Centre staff tell us he is always there to help out and goes about his daily work load and attends morning meetings and puts himself in situations that make him nervous such as doing AOD groups for local men and women (but he does it anyway). He is way out there on the Qld border but makes the long drive in for training with a complaint. 

Lynette Stuart has committed over 7 years of service at Central Australia Aboriginal Congress in Alice Springs working in this space providing case management, brief interventions, and cultural support. She is always there for the team and an invaluable source of knowledge and strong commitment to her clients, day in day out, doing her job the best she can.

Encouragement Award
This award is for their proactive efforts & showing great potential in the AOD field

Winners: Micheal Taylor and Lynette De Santis

Micheal Taylor has been with the Wurli AOD team in Katherine for 18 months and has stepped up getting into community, engaging with clients and delivering health promotions throughout community. He has taken on a more complex caseload also while studying. 

Lynette De Santis is from the Tiwi Islands and has been a Remote AOD Worker for the past 9 months and has been covering both Melville & Bathurst Islands almost on her own. Lynette is very committed to her clients & is passionate about AOD work and her communities. 
Encouragement Award: This award is for their proactive efforts & showing great potential in the AOD field

Team Award
This award is for recognising a team that works well together as a united and committed team to help their communities

Winner: Groote Eylandt team- Jason Yantarrnga and Greg Sheldon

The Groote Eylandt team cover 5 communities across Groote Eylandt, Bickerton Island and Numbulwar, just as a small team of two. Greg and Jason are fearless promoters of their AOD team and speak up in community/agency meetings for each other and the Health Centres who they both work so well with. Greg and Jason also support each other well and help each other with their work together. Community members nominated Greg & Jason saying: “Greg & Jason work best on our community and people are happy.” “Jason & Greg are doing the best job & we are happy what they are doping in Umbakumba community.” 

Solo Worker Award
This award is for their resilience and strength in as a solo Remote AOD Worker. 

Winners: Jennifer Silcock & Lukas Williams

Jennifer Silcock works as a solo worker for Katherine West Health Board covering 7 communities in the Katherine West region, an area roughly the size of Tasmania. Jennifer works incredibly hard as an AOD Nurse in Yarralin, Timber Creek, Lajamanu, Kalkarindji, Pigeon Hole, and Bulla. Jennifer has been doing education at schools and community events and does an outstanding job to offer services to all these communities.

Lukas Williams lives and works in Ntaria (pronounced Nn-dar-ee) as a sole Remote AOD Worker for Western Aranda Health Aboriginal Corporation, with Congress. Lukas Williams has developed a men’s group in Ntaria that has provided men with a forum to discuss men’s issues in a safe, culturally relevant, supportive environment. He has made great progress in the community as a solo worker.

Community Development & Health Promotion Award
This award is for their outstanding community engagement and involvement

Winners: Wurli Wurlinjang team

The Wurli AOD team have been striving with Phillip’s leadership to engage Katherine and 5 town camps within a 40km radius of Katherine. The Wurli team has presented at both the CQI and FASD forums this year. The Wurli Wurlinjang team have many community projects, and also teamed up with other key stakeholders in Katherine to provide some amazing opportunities for the Katherine communities these include KISP, Strong Bala Justice – Men’s group, Strong Indigenous Families Program, DV & AOD community education program and working together with the Mental Health SEWB team.

2017-2018 PCIS Award
This award recognises a male and female worker that have achieved excellent work in their documentation into PCIS (for Department of Health staff only)

Winners: Patricia Miller & Greg Sheldon

Greg Sheldon and Trish Miller have both made a committed effort to recording individual clients on a regular basis. Recording client stories and addressing clients AOD issues make people and communities safe and is a great practice. Greg and Trish use all functions of PCIS are writing good notes and it shows in great health centre and community feedback.

DoH Worker of the Year
This award is for Remote AOD Workers excelling in their field in the Department of Health Primary Health Care Centres
Winners: Mary Suka & Jason Yantarrnga

Mary Suka is an incredible asset to the Borroloola community and displays a keen eye for detail. Mary is co-ordinator of the Borroloola SEWB team and is an excellent role model for those working alongside her. Mary attends all meeting, sees clients and organises education sessions on a weekly basis. Mary's incredible way with words, empathic ear and commitment to community make her an excellent recipient of this award. Mary’s commitment to her clients and team members often means she isn’t able to always be available to the Remote AOD peers but her care and dedication to her job is faultless.

Jason is a proud community member of the Umbakumba Community on Groote Eylandt and since his appointment to the Remote AOD Worker job, Jason has been a trusted and hard-working team member, as well as patient and skilled teacher of Anindilyakwa culture to his dedicated coordinator Greg Sheldon. Jason has treated his AOD position with great respect even in the face of problems and appreciates how much his elders want him to stand alongside them and assist the community to find a positive way forward without excessive drugs and alcohol. Jason has an amazing knowledge of his community, the local families and the Eylandt and takes a keen interest in community activities. He has a good sense of what the client might need for achieving well-being and recovery and appreciates sharing this and having his colleagues consider his local wisdom. 

AMS Worker of the Year
This award is for AOD Workers excelling in their field in the Aboriginal Medical Services environment

Winners: Lukas Williams & Catherine McArthur

Lukas Williams has been instrumental in the suicide response to the Ntaria (pronounced Nn-dar-ee) community and implementing a model of change and empowerment working with the community members to facilitate healing and cultural growth, a recognisable achievement. 

Catherine McArthur is Team Leader for the Tobacco team at Sunrise in Katherine. Catherine has grasped this opportunity with both hands and filled the position with an awesome attitude and great professionalism. She has gained the respect from all AOD and Tobacco workers in the Sunrise team through providing support and direction to all whilst being culturally sensitive and effective at the same time. She displays an experienced demeanour for a young person and will tend to issues before they “blow out” by making informed decisions whilst keeping myself abreast of any situations. 

Remote Worker of the Year
This award is for their hard work and devotion to achieving outcomes in a remote community setting

Winners: James Glenn and Patricia Miller

James Glenn has demonstrated his commitment to the role of Remote AOD Worker in Ti Tree, he is a valued staff member and team player although in the role for less than 12 months, James has excelled in his role and is a role model for the Ti Tree community. He has a big heart and a big vision for his mob and region and wants to help so many people stay close to culture and find a good balance in all areas of life. He is so keen to learn about AOD matters and how to be an effective worker so that the future generation coming up the ranks can also be inspiring leaders and parents. James’s work helps him realise his own role as a husband, father and community leader are the most important jobs of all. 

Trish Miller has in the past year proved commitment and dedication to her community, Jabiru. From wanting to throw it all in to becoming a most valued employee of the Health Centre, Trish tirelessly provides a great AOD service to members of the community with a couple of great success stories under her hat. Trish has taken a keen interest in the youth of her community and has run numerous out of hours activities for them, in doing so has become a role model to be proud of. Trish is eager to learn and her thirst for knowledge is encouraging.

Urban Worker of the Year
This award is for their hard work and devotion to achieving outcomes in an urban environment

Winners: Patsy Raymond & Phillip Butler

Patricia Raymond is the team leader for the SEWB team at Danila Dilba.  Patsy has been with our program now for over 8 years and her dedication to providing AOD services to the urban indigenous population is outstanding. Patsy completed her Cert IV in Alcohol & Other Drugs Work this year, and this achievement has been a long time coming for Pats and very well deserved. Patsy is a true role model to the urban sector.

Phillip Butler is a caring and supportive colleague who has stepped up in to a higher position at Wurli because the work needed to be done and he was the logical choice. Phillip inspires and evokes respect from the workers around him who appreciate his willingness to talk and honesty. He is fiercely proud of his culture, his family and his town of Katherine. He participated and provided guidance to the Leadership Group for much of the last year and one of those go to guys when you want a thoughtful answer.  

The Jennifer Frendin Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Worker of the Year Award
This award is for their outstanding commitment and excellent standard of work in the field of drug and alcohol in the Remote AOD Workforce Program and their community.

Winners: James Glenn & Patricia Raymond

James Glenn has shown how you can start to make the AOD Worker role your own. He has developed his role slowly in Ti Tree is and has built a solid client base and community profile all on his own. He fearlessly shares his message of staying close to culture, caring for family and each other, and reaching out for your personal best without the need to overdo the drugs and alcohol. He is a great role model now and has inspired young people to challenges the present way of doing things. He demonstrates great loyalty and dedication to his community and the region. His confidence is growing the longer he stays in the job and he patiently works with the clients at their pace in a caring and supportive way.  

Patsy Raymond is a great role model and leader for the Larrakia people in Darwin, and has shown enormous commitment to alcohol and other drugs and social emotional wellbeing throughout her time at Danila Dilba. We are proud to give Patsy this award to celebrate her many achievements and great tenacity in working in one of the most complex and challenging areas of healthcare.