Community Development

This community development framework, in conjunction with the direct client service delivery model, enables workers to utilise principles and practices inherent to Aboriginal communities.

The opportunity exists for community development approaches & strategies and ways of thinking to be implemented and practiced in a culturally-appropriate manner in remote, regional and urban communities across the Northern Territory, and in the wider Australian context. The aim of community development activities undertaken by the Remote AOD Workforce is – “To work in meaningful partnership to strengthen and build strong, resilient and connected communities that value and support people to overcome their alcohol and other drug health issues and improve community outcomes”. Mainstream models of community development—as well as other more intensive therapeutic practices such as counselling and medical interventions to support Indigenous people—in many respects draw heavily on a western model of thinking rather than a combined effort to integrate western and Indigenous cultural practices. The Community Development Framework Manual is a collaborative initiative facilitated by Remote AOD Workforce and further developed by Jonathan Hermawan Tjapaltjarri of Fire & Water Consultancies.