Other Drugs

Professional AOD guides are being developed and updated all the time.
You can quickly see what ‘s new and up to date in the Aboriginal AOD field by visiting the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet’s website.

AOD Counselling Tips
RAODW Counsellors Guide Tip Sheet_AOD practice models and working with Aboriginal people.
This leaflet summarises models of practice that can are consistent with Aboriginal perspectives and experiences.

Australian Drug Foundation (2004). For non Indigenous workers: Drug prevention work with Indigenous Australian clients and communities - How to ensure your services are culturally appropriate and sensitive. Fact Sheet Number 2.23  May. Melbourne: Australian Drug Foundation.
Designed for non-Indigenous workers, this leaflet highlights some tips for culturally sensitive practice.

There are key guides designed specifically for Aboriginal AOD workers as well as all general health workers working with Aboriginal communities. Both are easy to read and based on current best practice ideas and research in the AOD field.

Lee, K, Freeburn B, Ella S, Miller W, Perry J, Conigrave K (eds) (2012) Handbook for Aboriginal Alcohol & Drug Work. Sydney: University of Syndey, NSW.

Kulunga Research Network (2010). Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Promoting and Supporting Responsible Behaviour and Choices in your Community. Perth: Kalunga Research Institute.

Based closely on the Strong Spirit, Strong Mind resource series, this booklet “is designed to help Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health professionals understand the use and misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Aboriginal communities. It gives Aboriginal Health Workers information on alcohol and other drugs, the health implications of substance use, and strategies for working with individuals, families and communities. This knowledge can be used to develop health promotion activities and design education programs to meet the needs of Aboriginal clients. It provides useful resources and tools, as well as information and links to other resources and services”. 

Substance Use & Pregnancy

Government of Western Australia. (2006) Strong spirit, strong mind. Strong Babies. Perth: Drug and Alcohol Office, W.A. Available online here

Government of Western Australia. (2010) Strong spirit, strong mind. What Our Women Need to Know About Alcohol. Perth: Drug and Alcohol Office, W.A. Available online here

NPY Women's Council. dvd (2013) No Safe Amount: the effects of alcohol in pregnancy. Alice Springs, NT. 

The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia. Smoking and your Baby.
The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia. How your baby grows!
The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia. Would you let me smoke?

Queensland Government. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Queensland Health. Available online here 


Health & Wellbeing

Remote AOD Workforce Program. (2016) Brief Wellbeing Screener. Remote Health: Alice Springs, NT.  

Casey, W. & Keen, J. (2010). Strong spirit, strong mind. Making Sense and Supporting Change: a guide for our people. Perth: Drug and Alcohol Office, W.A.
Available online here 

Centre for Sexual Health (2012). Choosin' Right with Sex, Grog and Drugs. Northern Territory Government, Alice Springs, NT.

Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Training and Research Program (2009). Problem Drug Use: Guidelines for providing Mental Health First Aid to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Person. Melbourne: Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, University of Melbourne & beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Available online here