Leadership Group


The Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce (RAODW) Program Leadership Group is an advisory and conduit for the RAODW. To be the voice of the RAODW to assist policy maker’s directive and ministers where possible to make informed decisions on AOD issues pertaining to NT Indigenous peoples.


• To establish an advisory function to ensure decision making processes are well informed.
• To provide a forum that has open communication for key stakeholders to seek advice and recommendations.
• Provide resources, training, mentoring and information regarding current AOD issues and activities to the main body of the RAODW.
• To ensure the RAODW Program is delivered within a sustainable, effective and culturally appropriate framework.
• To provide advice on broader issues that may affect or influence the effective delivery of the RAODW Program.
• Build and maintain partnerships across the range of sectors concerned in dealing with and addressing Indigenous alcohol, tobacco and other drug related issues.
• Inform and educate relevant sectors on Indigenous alcohol, tobacco and other drug related issues.
• To be as role models and mentors to the RAODW.
• To establish and oversee a data collection framework for Program evaluation and continuous quality improvement purposes.
• To assist and promote communication about the RAODW Programs objectives and achievements within the broader health services community.