Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Workforce Forum Alice Springs 2016

The Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Program conducted its second forum for 2016 in Central Australia this week.
Fifty participants, including members of the Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce, invited guests and presenters attended the three-day event.
The program’s workforce is drawn from Primary Health Care Centres across the NT, spanning 35 communities in remote, regional and urban settings.
Extending from the Top End,to the  Barkly and Central Australia, the workforce includes both Department of Health and Aboriginal community-controlled Health Service employees.
The health services involved in the program include Danila Dilba, Miwatj Health, Sunrise Health Service, Malabam Health, Wurli Wurlinjang, Katherine West Health Board, Central Australia Aboriginal Congress, Western Aranda Health Aboriginal Cooperation and Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Coropration.
The theme for this year’s forum was Growing Up Strong: working with young people in our communities. The theme provided an excellent opportunity for delegates to come together to participate in education and information sharing, activities and professional development in the areas of alcohol and other drugs,  community development and the impact of trauma for young people.
As the theme suggests, the forum also sought to inspire workers to build capacity in working with young people.