New Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Workforce resources Yarning about Alcohol and Pregnancy and Yarning about Ice

The Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Workforce Program has created new resources in their Yarning about….. series. In addition to the Yarning about Alcohol, Yarning about Gunja, Yarning about Relapse and Yarning about Work resources, Yarning about Alcohol and Pregnancy with an Advice Card have been completed. This resource has been developed in collaboration with Menzies School of Health Aboriginal and Islander Initiative and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, with extensive consultation with midwives, nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners, medical officers and Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workers. In response to increasing concerns regarding methamphetamine, Yarning about Ice has also been developed, to enable all multi-disciplinary primary health care staff to provide brief interventions on methamphetamine use, and provide harm minimisation strategies.

These resources are designed for health care practitioners, educators, drug and alcohol workers and Aboriginal Health Practitioners to assess and provide interventions for alcohol and other drugs use with clients. They use a strengths framework and are specifically designed for Aboriginal and Islander peoples.

For more information and copies of these resources, contact the Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Workforce Program on 8958 2503 or email