Northern Territory Primary Health Care Practitioner Tools

The CARPA-Standard Treatment Manual (STM)

The CARPA-Standard Treatment Manual (STM) is the NT Health endorsed manual for use in remote health centres throughout the NT and also the main handbook used in Aboriginal health services across the Territory and central Australia. It contains short, informative sections on managing substance use and mental health issues in the NT’s remote communities. The STM is intended for use by trained health professionals – including Aboriginal health workers, nurses and doctors - and is designed to be as easy to use as possible for everyone in remote areas, using illustrations and simple English where possible. The CARPA-STM is now in its 5th edition. If you’d like your own copy, the manual can be purchased by going to the Centre for Remote Health website or by phoning 8951 4700 for an order form.

The 4th edition of the CARPA Reference Manual

The 4th edition of the CARPA Reference Manual, which provides reference material supporting the CARPA STM, is available online. It has sections covering many of the issues AOD workers will commonly encounter, although it is geared towards nurses and doctors. You can view and download relevant sections at the CARPA Website 

The Northern Territory Public Health Bush Book

The Northern Territory Public Health Bush Book is a valuable resource of two volumes, available to access online, which is designed for those working in remote Aboriginal communities in the NT. Written by people who have worked in and with remote community health care teams, it is made up of two volumes. Volume 1 focuses on Health Education and Promotion. Volume 2 focuses on three areas: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Environmental Health, and Food and Nutrition. This link will take you to the web page for the section on Alcohol and Other Drugs If you use this resource, which has some very clear and simple AOD information, do keep in mind that Volume 2 was written in 2005 and is currently under review to bring it up to date.